Guaranteed Health Insurance Comparisons


What our clients say...

"I was out of work 8 months, and could no longer afford the premiums of my old insurance.  They dropped me, and I knew I needed a plan to cover me within two months to be insurable in the future.  I found Guaranteed Plans, put in my info, and an insurance agent came by my house, advised me on plans in my area, and now I have better insurance than I had at my old job."

- Cameron Taylor, Cleveland, OH


"I was diagnosed with diabetes while in college, and once I graduated, even though I was working full-time, my employer's insurance wouldn't cover me because of the diabetes.  I was told about Guaranteed Plans, and within two weeks I was insured and now I'll never have to worry about finding coverage again"

- Billy Ramsey, Tempe, AZ

"Upon getting released from the military, I needed reliable health insurance, and there was physical therapy issues I needed to have resolved.  I was able to sign up right away through Guaranteed Plans, and now my back and knees are healthy, and I am able to enjoy the great outdoors again."

- Jason Torba, Columbus, GA

"My youngest son had hearing problems, and because of this medical insurers didn't want to accept us, or wanted to charge outrageous premiums to have him included.  Luckily I found AIM Healthplans and was accepted at a reasonable price - making my life that much easier." 

- Britney Maly, Orange County, CA