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Indemnity Health Insurance

What Medical Services Do Indemnity Health Insurance Policies Cover?

Does an indemnity health insurance plan cover the same medical providers and services that an HMO or PPO health insurance policy does? Are there advantages to an indemnity insurance plan over others?

Our indemnity insurance policy allows the holder the freedom of choice to seek medical services wherever they please. But what kinds of services are really covered under such a plan? Are such plans really able to offer the coverage options available to HMO and PPO subscribers?

How Does an Indemnity Insurance Policy Compare to an HMO Plan?

The main difference between an indemnity insurance policy and an HMO or PPO plan is not the services they cover, but the way a claim is paid. For those covered by an indemnity health insurance plan it is usually required that the patient pay upfront for the medical services they receive, and then submit a claim form for direct reimbursement.

All the usual doctor, hospital and prescription services that an HMO covers are also covered by an indemnity health insurance plan. In addition, many such plans will cover the costs of a number of preventive health services, if a patient chooses to receive such care.