Guaranteed Health Insurance Comparisons


Is Guaranteed Medical Insurance the Answer for Your Healthcare Needs

Guaranteed medical insurance plans can provide a solution for thousands of uninsured people, but how to they really work and how do you find one that will truly fit your individual need for healthcare services?

For those with a pre existing medical condition such as a chronic condition like diabetes, or those with a history of serious disease such as cancer of heart disease, finding health insurance coverage can be a real challenge.

Guaranteed medical insurance provides coverage to anyone and everyone who applies for it and pays their premiums, regardless of medical history. Even people who are over or underweight may be denied coverage by a major medical plan these days, so such a policy is an answer for these patients too.

Does everybody really qualify for guaranteed medical insurance?

In short, yes. These policies are issued without the need for an individual to complete a health questionnaire or undergo any kind of medical examination or testing.

It should also be understood that these are real insurance policies, not a discount program or savings club.

Guaranteed medical insurance covers the same services as any other health insurance plan; they just operate a little differently. A good insurance broker can help you find the plan that is just right for you.