Guaranteed Health Insurance Comparisons

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Much More Than a Medical Discount Plan

Guaranteed acceptance insurance is not a health care discount plan, and is a real alternative for those with pre existing conditions and the average hardworking, uninsured U.S.worker.

Guaranteed acceptance insurance is exactly what it says it is - if you apply, you will be accepted. No questions about previous or existing medical conditions. These are not healthcare discount programs, they are real insurance policies, underwritten by professionals.

What can guaranteed acceptance health insurance do for me?

For those who have suffered from the growing number of health issues that traditional health plans treat as a "pre existing condition", obtaining conventional health insurance is just no longer a possibility.

The guaranteed plans allow such uninsurable people to obtain affordable coverage that does indeed cover hospitalization and doctor's visits, often with co pays as low as or lower than those associated with "traditional" health insurance policies.

As guaranteed acceptance health insurance premiums are significantly lower than the cost of purchasing a major medical insurance plan, they are also the best alternative for the average uninsured worker, for whom the $300 per month and up that other health plans cost is simply too far out of financial reach.