Guaranteed Health Insurance Comparisons


Guarantee Your Health Despite a Pre-existing Condition

There is no guarantee to your lifespan. Instead you can only be assured that when there is a need to preserve your life, you will not end up buried in debt because of your medical bills.

Millions of people are faced with the increasing cost of health care and they are at a loss as to how to avoid loans to save from losing their investments and properties because of a pre-existing condition.

One common example is cancer and health insurance companies are wary of this because it means an elevated risk factor for enrollees. It is sadly more common than not that cancer sufferers are turned down flat when applying for health insurance.

Thankfully those suffering from pre-existing conditions can apply for a guaranteed issue medical health insurance policy. For low and middle-income earners, the situation can be discouraging due to there being many expensive health plans offered in the market, but this isn't always the case.

Those who are unemployed or have retired can also face the same dilemma because of the absence of an employer’s counterpart in subsidizing a health plan.

The stakes are higher to those individuals who have pre-existing conditions such as depression, heart ailment, pregnancy, diabetes, AIDS, and stroke among others. More than half of health insurance companies decline any individual to apply for programs if found to have pre-existing illness or have changed their employment status.

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), it determined that health insurance carriers may or may not provide any health insurance to clients with current ailments. The said law defines pre-existing conditions as a physical or mental condition for which medical advice diagnosis care or treatment was recommended or received within a six month period prior to the enrollment date.

Furthermore, insurers can also exclude people who have been without coverage for 63 days with a medical health insurance policy. It is often a truly depressing scenario as people are helpless and cannot be proactive in this kind of situation because of the limited health coverage available when they neeed it most.

Thankfully, a guaranteed issue medical health policy can help as a client is not refused insurance on the grounds of a pre-existing health condition or employment status. With this type of plan, individuals can choose their specific package that can sufficiently cover any future costs due to their pre-existing illness.

Speak to a Licensed Medical Health Professional

A medical doctor can be of assistance to those with pre-existing conditions at this stage, as they can give a clear idea of what type of coverage is needed without spending money to cover an illness that is not found in one’s medical history.

With guaranteed medical health insurance, you are in control of the situation and won't be afraid of sky-rocketing prices of medical services and treatments. It only takes a little research on your part to ensure that your health insurance company is genuinely offering you the right health package to avoid any possible major healthcare expenses that can totally drain your savings and even your future earnings.

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