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Diabetes Health Insurance

Guaranteed Diabetes Acceptance: The Insurance For Diabetics

Diabetes has affected people from all walks of life and from all ages. Diabetics could suffer illnesses like high blood pressure, and blindness. They need test strips, meters, and insulin, and regular check ups. With today's rising prices of products and services, diabetics will find it hard to afford treatment.

A health insurance pays for all the prescription drugs and checkups diabetics would have to take regularly. It could provide discounts towards cost of medicines and checkups.

Health Insurance for Diabetics: Why It is Hard to Obtain?

Most health insurance providers don't issue coverage for diabetics because of the associated health problems. publisher Flor Serquina relates that many health insurance providers use an applicant's health condition as a reason to raise their insurance premium and or deny them coverage.

How Diabetics can Guarantee Acceptance in their Health Insurance Application?

According to Clark Insurance Brokers founder J. Timothy Clark, group health insurance is a sure way for diabetics to get coverage. Group health insurers understand and calculate the potential for having a percentage of company workers who can't get health insurance on their own. Health insurance expert Martin Unger adds that with group health insurance, you can't be declined for any pre-existing condition.

Unger notes that for those who want a full major medical plan may buy a guaranteed issue major medical plan with no medical questions as long as they work as:

1. real estate agents, brokers, mortgage brokers, appraisers, clerical and administrative staff; 

2. anyone in the construction industry; and

3. programmers, network engineers and technicians, web developers and designers, and repair technicians.

Why Bother with Guaranteed Diabetes Acceptance?

Rudy Wilson notes that applicants with pre-existing conditions will find guaranteed diabetes acceptance a good choice. It issues a policy despite pre-existing conditions. It usually covers check ups, emergency room visits, hospital charges, surgery, and accidental death. It lets you select a medical provider. It is affordable and covers most pre-existing conditions after a year. It offers "limited benefit health insurance". A defined amount for a medical service will be paid. 

Serquina enumerates the things diabetics must know about getting health insurance:

- Show that you can manage your condition and that you can implement a sensible management plan for your diabetes. This is one of the factors life insurance companies consider before selling you policies. Once you do, insurance firms will grant you coverage and you will also get lower premium rates.

- Look for a policy that considers your overall health.

- If you get rejected by one health insurance company, move to the next. Compare rates and benefits.

- A company-sponsored health insurance plan can't reject an individual basing on health status, but new employees usually must undergo a physical exam or provide health information through a questionnaire before they are enrolled in a health insurance plan.

- Most health insurance for individual applicants have "medical underwriting", where an insurance company can decide whether or not to sell them insurance coverage.

- Insurance coverage will be based on personal information like age, gender, medical history, health status, and even address. Restrictions might apply, which will limit your benefits and determine the cost of your premium.