Guaranteed Health Insurance Comparisons

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Health Insurance For People With a Pre-existing Condition:

A Life with Less Worry

Health insurance is one of the major expenses that a family will face every month. Sometimes, it can cost more than rental or mortgage payments. This problem is especially more pronounced as more and more companies are cutting out retirees from their insurance plans.

One of the major causes of people being denied from getting health insurance is because of a pre-existing condition. The pre-existing condition is defined as any injury or sickness that you have that needs treatment. In cases where health insurance is available for people with pre-existing condition, there are additional problems like very high premiums and limited choice of medical provider available. In searching for affordable health insurance, you should make sure that to get quotes form many sources so that you know that you are getting the best insurance coverage at the best price possible.

The group health insurance is the best choice for those with chronic health concerns or pre-existing conditions. The employees usually have no choice regarding the health insurance coverage under the group health coverage. But the main advantage for the group health insurance is that coverage is typically available to newly hired employees without any medical questions or concern for a pre existing condition. Another problem with group health insurance is that coverage usually ends when the employee's job ends. If your spouse has group health insurance coverage with his or her employer, it can sometimes be available to you.

Some professional organizations offer to their members a group health insurance program as a fringe benefit. This type of healthcare coverage could be an important way to stay insured but you may be required to have a certification or a certain career experience to join. Still, other professional associations might accept membership from anyone who is interested in joining. Examples of professional organizations that might provide group health insurance include Real Estate Brokers, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Securing private individual health insurance may not be feasible for people that have extensive health care needs and medical expenses. Most insurers reject "high risks" individuals for health insurance coverage because of a pre existing condition or previous illness. Premiums charged are very expensive under private individual health insurance for people with pre existing conditions. However, having limited health insurance would be better than having no insurance at all or until a better alternative becomes available.

Some states provide access to private individual health insurance for uninsurable through a high-risk insurance pool. However, enrollments to these high risk pools may be closed or have long waiting lists. In addition, premiums under these state risk pools can be very expensive, costing much more than private individual health insurance. Nevertheless, state high-risk pools offer an health insurance alternative for people who have been denied medical benefits because of a pre existing condition.

Discount health cards is a viable option for affordable healthcare by offering discounts on physician visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, dental, vision and chiropractic care. But discount health cards are really not insurance as you are still responsible for paying the medical bills yourself. The discount health cards simply offer lower prices on services from accredited healthcare providers. Be careful when purchasing these cards as they can cost you more money than you will save.

Guaranteed issue health insurance is ideal for those individuals who find they cannot qualify for or afford other healthcare plans. These plans provide a considerable amount of coverage, often at discounted prices but should not be confused with basic health insurance. They are usually very affordable and cover most pre-existing conditions after 12 months of coverage. They offer limited indemnity coverage and there are no medical questions or physical exams needed to qualify. You also can choose your medical provider and the plan pays regardless of any other insurance coverage.