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Can a Limited Benefit Medical Plan Really Benefit the Uninsured?

What can a limited benefit medical plan really offer to the average American worker who is without healthcare coverage or the small employer seeking health coverage that they can truly afford?

The concept of the limited benefit medical plan has been growing in popularity for a number of years now, but the concept is still very often misunderstood. This kind of plan is often a great solution for those small employers who simply cannot afford to offer traditional health coverage to their employers, or to offer coverage options to employees who cannot qualify for the standard company plan, such as those with a pre existing medical condition.

What does Limited Benefit Medical Insurance offer to the patient?

Limited benefit medical insurance is not a substitute for major medical coverage. However it does offer payment for a limited set of medical benefits up to a fixed dollar amount of coverage every year. The premiums for such plans are usually very low, and most people who are completely without medical insurance will agree that some level of coverage is far better than having none at all.