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Say Goodbye to Insurance Rejections

Every year, applications from thousands of people are turned down, for reasons that are least expected by the people. Many people even think of considering the option of omitting information which prohibits them from getting insurance for pre-existing condition.

Hiding information or manipulating them will be considered as actual insurance fraud. In case it is discovered that an insured person lied about his medical history the insurance company can not only suspend the coverage but may also force the patient to pay back the money received for any medical care under the policy. With our company, you don’t have to deviate from the truth and still get the best medical insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Some insurers, on the other hand, view the same problems from an entirely different angel. Enrolling someone in life insurance with pre-existing condition is a bit like selling auto insurance to a driver who is in search of help with an already smashed car. As per them, insurance is something that guarantees protection against any future event, not for things that have already happened.

Reasons for Insurance Rejections

There are very few people who can boast of a perfect health; therefore one should carefully pick the insurance company when applying for insurance with pre-existing condition, as every company have their own underwriting criteria. Let us take a brief look at the factors which may lead to insurance denial.

  • Risk Factors

Insurance companies consider medical history of the applicant, how much he or she is addicted to tobacco or alcohol, and hazards, if any, related to his or her occupation. They may also take into account the driving record of the applicant, the amount of air travel, and recreational activities involving high risk sports.

They also consider any recent hospitalization or critical illness of the applicant. All this information is taken into account by the health insurance company when they determine the rates and terms of the policy for that applicant.

  • Underwriting guidelines

Many insurance companies opt for insurance rejections if it shows that the concerned person ever had cancer, while some others may consider the case where it has been 12 months when the cancer was last treated. You may have to face insurance rejections from one company due to your weight and height ratio while the other company may consider that you are perfectly alright.

Some underwriters may reconsider the case for significance of a potential risk factor after they receive additional information from the physician of the applicant.

  • Catch 22

Moving to another insurance company after being turned down by an insurer is also not a solution to the problem as most insurance companies as whether you have been turned down before. As you are supposed to answer yes, this will automatically raise a question on your previous medical history.

Still, if you are able to prove that you are healthy again than insurance companies will be willing to enroll you in insurance with pre-existing condition. A sensible underwriter gives more weight-age to your present medical condition rather than past medical record which are of fewer consequences now.

  • Exceptions

In some cases insurance company may provide insurance on higher premium rates along with some exclusion on the causes for death. In such a case the policy holder does not have adequate protection. People with diabetes, heart disease, cancer and at time even with epilepsy are good reasons for insurance rejections.

Many insurers step back from providing medical insurance for pre-existing conditions to people who have history of cancer or are HIV positive. These companies may not provide payment in case of death caused due to any of these diseases.

  • Medical Exam

Most insurance companies hire their own medical technician or physician to perform the routine medical examination. In this case it is almost impossible to hide prevailing medical conditions, but there are certain steps which can help you get better results in the test and consequently get lower premium rates. An applicant is asked to through lot of medical examination to get insurance for pre-existing condition.

Reduce consumption of salt and high cholesterol food at least 24 hours before a medical exam is scheduled. Do not consume alcohol at least eight hours before you get to the doctor’s office. Avoid doing strenuous work or exercise for two to three days before the medical exam as the insurance company may ask for stress treadmill test.

Your Search is Over Now

Anyone searching for a medical health insurance is bombarded with information from the vast pool of medical insurance companies that are there in the market. Every insurance company gives their best to convince you that their policy is best for you. At the end of the day, the person may even forget as to what exactly he or she was looking for.

But it is not so with our company, whatever may be your past and present health condition, we guide you to the medical insurance provider that is best for you and also detail the enrollment program that is best as per your medical requirements.

Our company has tens of thousands of satisfied customers, and it continues to grow each day. We believe that if a person is able to answer a simple yes or no question than he or she is eligible for insurance for pre-existing condition. We advise that people should tell their condition in plain truth and we assure you will be provided best medical insurance for pre-existing conditions.


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