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Can You Really Find Affordable Pre Existing Condition Medical Insurance?

Real pre existing condition medical insurance is possible to find, and at a cost far lower than a consumer might have expected. A past illness is no longer a bar to receiving great medical care.

What is a pre existing medical condition? Health insurance companies are continually expanding their lists of pre existing conditions that they use to deny health coverage to individuals.

Insurance companies do not just consider conditions such as heart disease and previous cancers as pre existing conditions, but for instance, even if you have been a sober member of AA for years, most insurance companies will even deny coverage to any former alcoholic, as they consider this a pre existing condition too.

Medical Insurance for Pre Existing Conditions: is it Real Insurance?

The only real option for those with a pre existing medical condition is guaranteed acceptance insurance. These plans are exactly what it sounds like they are, insurance that everyone will be approved for, regardless of health status. When an individual applies for this kind of insurance, there are no health questions to give the "wrong answer" to, making guaranteed acceptance health insurance the answer to many an uninsurable individuals prayers.

Our company has a large range of guaranteed plans that will not only afford you peace of mind, but are also competitively priced as well. Our agents are on hand to help you through the pitfalls of insurance application and to assist you with any queries that you may have. There is no inconvenient medical to undergo and the process is quick and easy.

There are no limits to our guaranteed policies. There should be a plan to suit every individual from every background in every physical condition.
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